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Judgement day. I have finally gotten my semestral grades for the previous semester. Every hard work, all-nighters and brain squeezing I did all boil down to these numbers. Probably the only numbers that are important in my life as a student. 

I wasn't fully satisfied with my performance during the last semester. My weakest academic performance thus far. I'm usually very chilled when it comes to school. Studying only when I need to(usually a day before exams), no notebook and note taking, doing assignments minutes before class, making reports the night before the report, etc. I'm not the most ideal student ever, I know.  I've basically done this constantly for three years. I still get by and with flying colors. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

Last semester, I tried to maintain my couldn't-care-less approach towards school. However, I soon realized that it sure wasn't working for me anymore. My scores were low and so were my grades during the midterm.  Things are just getting harder. So as much as I love hanging on to my bad study habits and stress free life, I wanted to keep my scholarship and my chance of graduating with honors. I suddenly found the need to, as cliche as it may sound, try my best. That's probably why I was so concerned about my grades this semester, because I had invested a lot of effort into it. It would be a shame if all that hard work amounted to nothing. 

When I finally got my grades, they were good. I was very proud of myself. Then, yesterday, I found out that one of my classmates(an Architecture student) failed the class we're in together. It was not only him though. Nine out of twenty students failed. The ironic thing is that on that same class, I got a grade of 1.00, which was the highest possible grade in our school grading system. I felt bad of course. I think I'm partially to blame for that. If I didn't get a perfect score on our final exam, our teacher could have given us points so that others would pass. However, I did, so it would be unfair if everyone else got additional points. I suck. But they should have tried harder too. I think they just relied too much on the fact that our teacher was very nice. They probably thought she wouldn't have the guts to fail students, especially fourth year students. But lo and behold, she did.

Anyway, moving on. I got my schedule. At least it doesn't have me going to school everyday at exactly 7:30am. I just hate that all our classrooms are located on the top floor and how we still have to go down to the ground floor every time we use the laboratory. On the bright side, I'll probably lose a little weight this way. (I can hope. Haha) 

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October 28, 2013 at 9:59 PM delete

Waaa. Last semester was by far the worst for me. We're almost alike in some ways. I don't usually study, only when really needed, but I pass the subjects. I don't like it though. I usually procrastinate and rely on my "stock knowledge".

I would probably work hard this next sem. Good luck ate Veron! :)

October 30, 2013 at 9:51 AM delete

It was the worst for me, so far, din. Mabuti nalang may 'stock knowledge'. Hahaha. =D